What Makes FOFCB Different

Unparalleled partnership with Bayonnais leaders in Haiti

Friends of OFCB is built on a foundation of relationships between people in the U.S. and people in Haiti who are intensely focused on providing hope and improving lives.  We are led by the vision of the Haitians for developing a healthy, hopeful and empowered community in the Bayonnais region.  We  leverage the talents and resources of multiple faith communities, service organizations and individuals.

The relationships are fostered by mission trips to Haiti whose primary purpose is to get to know these ambitious people who are working hard to help their community.  We are bound together by a strong desire to support the vision of our Haitian partners.  Also, the Haitians visit the Carolinas to share what is happening in Bayonnais.   We pray for each other when we are apart; this creates a personal connection between the two groups that is rare and yields meaningful results.  


Empowering the Bayonnais region for over 20 years

The strength of the relationship is exhibited by its long life.  Together we have developed a long term view of the needs and resources necessary to make real, lasting improvement.   This is not a “quick fix” program de jour.  It is about education, health care, agriculture, infrastructure and a spiritual growth.   Results of our actions and support are often seen quickly, but the underlying intention is to impact future generations in Haiti.